Who isJeremy Kayes?

Who isJeremy Kayes?
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This is Jer

My name is Jeremy Kayes. I'm a comic artist, software developer, self publishing advocate and adventurer. I enjoy helping others accomplish their goals and I'm going to save the world.

Jer is a Software Developer

I've been building websites since they were made out of tables. Now I build dynamic asynchronous web applications for famous companies. My artistic background enables me to specialize in connecting cutting-edge technology to the imaginative design of the industry's best artists.

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Jer is a Comic Artist

I drew my first comic book about a martian named Zero in the third grade. I've self published a graphic novel about independent artists trying to keep each other from quitting, illustrated an original super hero created by the Reddit board Who Would Win and begun articulating my experiences with exceedingly strong emotions. My greatest ambition is to bring to life my fantasy world of Iax, which I first dreamt of at the age of five.

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Jer is an Educator

I am exceedingly proud of my work with the University of Washington. I'm passionate about the communicative power of comics and I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to teach these vital communication skills to the engineers, scientists and technologists of the Human Centered Design and Engineering department.

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Jer is a Comics Advocate

Adults are terrified of drawing. When we were kids we grabbed crayons at every opportunity but as adults we're parylized by potential embarassment. Few things give me greater joy than helping people conquor their fear and discover that putting a pen on the paper and moving it around is one of the most satisfying and effective forms of expression known to humankind.

I started the comic artists club Sicaga in 2011. Since then I've watched it blossom into a thriving artists community filled with support and collaboration. I've watched total beginners become prolific artists and struggling masters complete their magnum opus. I love to help artists achieve their ambition and this love has rewarded me with friendships greater than I ever thought possible.